Our goal is to provide local athletes with direction and care that is typically reserved only for professional athletes.  At the start of any plan, all athletes will complete a full-body screening which will be measured monthly to ensure results are being had.  During care, we continue to continuously review and adjust your plan over time.


Why Work With Us?


We create a plan customized for you and your body and goals to build muscle, speed and strength. To get started, every athlete with come in for a consult with Dr. Kellum,  former team Doctor of Boston Celtics and Harvard Athletics.  Initially, Dr. Kellum will run lab work to determine where your body may be deficient in vitamins and minerals, as well as getting a base line.  From there, we will then develop a plan that is specific to you based on your goals, age, sport and physical make up.  This plan will include supplements and diet.  Any supplements recommended by Dr. Kellum are the highest grade medical supplements and are delivered on-site for ease and convenience.


Please note: All supplements have also been run against the NCAA banned list and more importantly have been researched to ensure not only will they accomplish an athletes goals but protect the long term health of an athlete.

Ready to get started?