Hair Restoration


Restore your hair and increase thickness with a variety of services we offer for hair restoration.


Platelet Rich Plasma. Or PRP, involves the utilization of one’s own growth factors and cytokines to hep restore and regenerate hair follicles. PRP is injected into areas of hair thinning. Typically, one will need a series of 3 treatments to get the desired results. Treatments are typically spaced 3 months apart.


Regenerative Cellular Therapy. Adding this cellular therapy to any of your PRP treatments will further enhance the amount of growth factors and cytokines delivered to your hair follicles. This is the ultimate non-surgical procedure for hair restoration.


Foamil. Foamil or Formula 82 is a topical solution that can be applied to the scalp at night to help halt the cycle of hair loss. It also helps provide a supportive environment for new hair growth.

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